Double Coated

Proudly we announce the new surface modification method that is called Double Coating (DC). With this method not only CaCO3 filler hydrophobicity is achieved but also its lubrication effect is enhanced.

Double coating procedure:

The procedure of double coating takes place in two stages:

1. In the first stage due to high temperature of 120o C – 130o C the maximum possible rate of the chemisorption (chemical strong bond at the calcium carbonate structure of the stearic acid) is achieved. In this way, free stearic acid is significantly minimized.


2. In the second stage the uniformity of the surface treatment of each particle of calcium carbonate is improved thus providing effective lubrication and dispersability in the final application.


Our coating method offers unique and special treatment thus provides strong bond between the surface of Calcium Carbonate and Stearic acid with many advantages during production.




Other advantages* of Double Coated Microfill’s Fillers over normally coated fillers (including the equivalent ones of competition) can be found below:


  • Oil / Plasticizer absorption reduction of at least 12%.
  • Improved dispersion. Faster and more efficient mixing.
  • Absence of agglomerations.
  • Glossier end product surfaces: The gloss can be improved by at least 20% without the addition of any special purpose additives.
  • Capability to increase the PHR of CaCO3 by at least 5%.
  • Easier flowing in hoppers and conveying screws.
  •  Improved output rate (can reach 16% more output retaining the properties of the end product).


* Values can vary based on particular applications, formulations and equipments.




In the chart that follows we summarize the major benefits that one can enjoy by using the new DC grades.







Coating Media % 0.4% 0.7%
Coating Media element Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid a


other organic media

Hydrophobicity 90% 100%

Double Coating is available for the following grades:


1) Zetafil cst 1
2) Zetafil cst CA
3) Zetafil cst 2
4) Zetafil cst 3
5) MST



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