Since environment is a component that constitutes our Dream, we are committed, that our activities have the minimum possible impact to the environment. We believe that taking care of our environment is taking care of the generations to come.
Having this in mind we have introduced fillers and extenders, such as our Double Coated grades and our Microblanc X-treme, which save organic resins and pigments which need multiple more energy to be produced but also create byproducts which are not able to be used in a useful way.

On our every day activities not only we comply with the legal regulations but also try to follow practices that have positive impact to the environment.

The target of these practices are summarized below:

1. Restore and preserve the environment of our facilities.
2. Recycle raw materials, packaging, off spec end products and office wastes.
3. Apply new technologies, which enable us to produce by consuming less energy or to increase the effectiveness of our operations.

It goes without saying that we follow processes that assess our actives in regard to their environmental impact. Corrective action is implemented if need.


We enjoy knowing that our people after their activities in our company go back home safe and sound.
In order to achieve this goal we not only imply the governmental laws but we take our management one step ahead: we train our people to learn how to act in a proactive manner. Being proactive accidents are reduced and new policies are implemented saving injuries or reducing dangers.

At the same time, we encourage our people to take responsibility for their own safety foreseeing risky behavior of themselves or their colleagues.


We also enjoy knowing that our people are healthy and happy in their work. To achieve this we provide proper clothing, protective means and we organize health and safety seminars both in house and in specialized institutions.


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Main Offices

12 Kontoglou str., 15344, Gerakas
Athens - GREECE
Phone: +30 (210) 7247143,
+30 (210) 6615604
Fax: +30 (210) 7248476
e-mail: info@zafranas.com


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