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Microfill K. Zafranas S.A. is an established, family-owned, producer of Calcium Carbonate, Talc and Dolomite fillers and extenders. The company was founded by Mr. K. Zafranas in 1949. At that time, K. Zafranas family got involved in minerals processing and built the Group’s first factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Thirty years later, in 1979, a second factory was built in Corinth, Greece. Since then, production capacity has tripled, reaching 130.000 MT p.a. The company holds a leading market share in Greece that complements its genuine export orientation. Nowadays, 75% of its output is disposed internationally.



Besides the two factories, Microfill K. Zafranas S.A. owns three mines of different types of Calcium Carbonate. These mines are located in Greece and though it may sound as an exaggeration, the supplied raw materials are considered to be among the best in the world as far as their chemical purity and brightness is concerned.

Even though engaged in a more or less commoditized industry, innovation and differentiation have been the underlying drivers, the corporate pillars that have been supporting growth and expansion over the years. Due to ongoing R&D and technology exploitation, Microfill K. Zafranas S.A. has specialized in developing unique methods of minerals processing with respect to particles micronizing and surface treatment.



Microfill K. Zafranas S.A. has been a reputable supplier to numerous industrial users operating in the international Paints and Plastics markets. Core applications refer to construction paints, PVC compounders for cables, window profiles, and pipes, as well as PPE & PE master-batch producers.




The key added value aspects of its product offering are gearing round tangible benefits for the end user such as:



  • Particle size distribution suitable for various industrial applications
  • High, even extremely high if needed, brightness
  • Significant reduction of TιΟ2 consumption
  • Single and double coating surface treatment
  • Low abrasion factor
  • Easy dispersion
  • Improved rheological properties
  • High filler loading



Since January 1996, Microfill K. Zafranas S.A has its Quality Assurance System constantly certified according to the ISO 9001 requirements, with the latest version being ISO 9001/2008.

Microfill K. Zafranas S.A. is a partner you can trust.


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Main Offices

12 Kontoglou str., 15344, Gerakas
Athens - GREECE
Phone: +30 (210) 7247143,
+30 (210) 6615604
Fax: +30 (210) 7248476


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