Living in a world that changes fast and continuously we have to constantly adapt to the evolving environment.
Being able to be successful in a changing business environment, we in Microfill K. Zafranas SA, have a philosophy: feel the trends and forces of our business and then prepare the company to meet the threat and opportunities of the future.

This trip to the future go through the our mission and dreams:


Our Mission

• To satisfy the unique needs of our customers
• To give solutions to the ongoing problem of cost saving.
• To support customers on technical or commercial matters which involve our products.


Our Dream

In order to grow in a controlled manner every business component follows their own visions which all together compose the dream of our company.

• People: Microfill to be a part of every person’s life that inspires, motivates and bring the best out of everyone.
• Portfolio: Provide a range of fillers and extenders that deliver what it is expected to the end users.
• Partners: Cultivate the proper framework in which both customers and suppliers create value.
• Planet: Be friendly to ‘mother earth’ not only by eliminating any waste but also to create a positive impact on the improvement of the environmental.
• Profit: Optimize the profits of the shareowners while taking under consideration the overall social responsibility of our activities and actions.
• Productivity: Be an effective, simple and adaptive organization.

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Main Offices

12 Kontoglou str., 15344, Gerakas
Athens - GREECE
Phone: +30 (210) 7247143,
+30 (210) 6615604
Fax: +30 (210) 7248476


History Timeline

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