Double Coated CaCO3 grades – ZETAFIL




d(0.50)μm/ d(0.97)μm /L*


Very white

Calcite coated

by Stearic acid

Zetafil cst 1 1.1 3.5 98.0 PVC window profiles
Zetafil cst CA 1.7 6.5 97.5 PVC profiles, pipes, cables, PO MB
Zetafil cst 2 3.0 10 97.0 Masterbatch, PVC pipes, cables
Zetafil cst 3 3.5 14 97.0 Masterbatch, PVC pipes, cables
Zetafil MST 5.5 22 96.5 PVC pipes, Solvent based paints





1. Microblanc & Zetafil categories can be offered as extra white (EW) in identical particle sizes.
2. The a.m. coated grades are Doulbe Coated (DC).
3. Beside Stearic Acid, depending on the application, coating is possible with other media.
4. Custom-made offering to customers’ needs is possible under certain preconditions.
5. Products can be offered in Silos, Big Bags (BB), Paper Bags (PB),Sling Bags (SB)



NEW Double Coated method:
With this revolutionary method coating takes place in two consecutive coating procedures. In the first hydrophobicity is achieved and in the second lubrication characteristics are added. Both coatings follow the same process described as: ‘particle surface modification’.


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