Personal Data
All the personal data that are collected through the electronic form of the company are subject to your complete and implicit agreement/consent, which is provided by the submission of your personal data to us. It is understood that you maintain the right to retract the current agreement at any time and you are in a position to gain access to these data and to also request the immediate deletion of your data as well as your own deletion. The totality of the data are protected and managed according to the terms and conditions of the Greek law and our company strictly adheres to the rules established by the relevant legislation. In adherence to the current legislation, the data collected by our website may be disclosed to third parties, to the competent authorities, to prosecutors or to other executive services only according to the terms and provisions of the current legislation.
The use of the company\'s website presupposes and confirms that the user/visitor has completely understood the aforementioned, and that the user/visitor is also in complete agreement with the aforementioned terms.

Main Offices

12 Kontoglou str., 15344, Gerakas
Athens - GREECE
Phone: +30 (210) 7247143,
+30 (210) 6615604
Fax: +30 (210) 7248476


History Timeline

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